Outcall Massage Tokyo Roppongi Yokosuka, Narita
Outcall Massage Tokyo Roppongi Yokosuka, Narita

Buakhao Thai Massage

If you live in the Bando City area, please come and heal your daily fatigue with a traditional Thai massage.

Best Traditional Thai Massage Bando Ibaraki

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Buakhao Thai Massage is located in Heda, Bando City, Ibaraki Prefecture, a 3-minute drive from Otone Golf Course, opposite Milano Pizza Cones Bando.
If you live in the Bando City area, or if you are tired from sports such as golf, please come and see us. If you get tired from standing for a long time We recommend the oil massage and foot massage course. After going around my feet are always swollen. but foot massage The swelling is gone and my feet feel lighter. Thai massage and oil relax the muscles throughout the body. So you can reset your tired body.
In addition, if you feel tired from sleep deprivation You can take a nap while receiving a Thai massage.
Our shop is a shop-style authentic Thai massage that offers body care and relaxation. Staff can speak Japanese and English. It is a shop that you can visit regardless of age or gender.


JINA ジーナ
ANNA アンナ



Thai Traditional Massage

One of the traditional medicines that has been handed down from ancient times in Thailand, it is a massage with a high relaxing effect that is performed with a slow rhythm. By stimulating the energy lines called "Sen" that flow through the body with the fingers, elbows, knees, and soles, the effect of activating the body and enhancing the natural healing power can be obtained.

60min 4,000 yen
90min 6,000 yen
Extra 30min 2,000 yen

Oil Massage

The oil component and lymphatic drainage massage method supply oxygen to the skin cells, promote cutaneous respiration, and promote normal metabolism.

It is recommended for those who are concerned about keratin and dry skin, as it can moisturize and moisturize the skin and make it soft and lively.​

60min. 7,000 yen
90min. 9,000 yen
120min. 12,000 yen
​ Extra 30min. 4,000 yen

About Thai traditional massage

"Traditional Thai massage" is a traditional Thai technique that not only heals fatigue, but also makes your body feel refreshed and light...

Traditional Thai massage is performed in a relaxed rhythm, and it is a massage that relaxes the body and mind, incorporating pressure from the fingers and palms and stretching to bend the joints in a well-balanced manner. Heal your daily fatigue with traditional Thai massage, which is said to be the most comfortable in the world, and spend a healthy life every day.

In traditional Thai massage, physical discomfort is thought to be caused by stagnation of blood flow around the body. Originally, when the blood flow is flowing without a hitch, the natural healing power works and the body functions normally. This is a healthy state, but due to excessive stress and the accompanying autonomic nervous system disorder, the balance of the body is disturbed, and the natural healing power does not function normally, and it appears as a symptom of "illness." Traditional Thai massage is based on the idea of regaining natural healing power by normalizing blood flow. Relieves autonomic nervous system disorders caused by stress, and while receiving traditional Thai massage, you will feel very relaxed, so mental and physical stress will be relieved.

Buakhao Thaimassage

4294-18 Iwai, Bando, Ibaraki 306-0631

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Phone Number :070-4026-8643

Open shop :12:00~24:00

Nearest station
Kanto Railway Joso Line "Nakatsuma Station" "Hokumizukaido Station"